Supreme Court: School Strip Search is Unconstitutional!!

Got pills…..

This case involved a 13 yr old female at a middle school.  It was alleged that she had given two prescription strength ibuprofen to a classmate. She was taken to the vice principle’s office.  The school officials searched the student’s back pack and outer clothing, when nothing showed up, the school nurse was instructed to take the student to another room for a strip search …..  Yea… Not much common sense with these people…

No phone call allowed

She was not allowed to call her mother before or after this occurred.  It was only after she returned home in tears that her mother found out.

Nothing found

The strip search turned up nothing because obviously this girl is an honor student, and most likely either maximized her profits by selling the rest of the bottle before getting caught, or passed off what was left to a sixth grader trying to be cool….


Seriously though….. What were these people thinking.  A 13 years old girl, and for what,  ibuprofen….Needless to say, the high court ruled 8-1 in favor of the student.

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Arne Duncan on the Diane Rehm’s Show

Lots of Questions….Not Many Good Answers….

Secretary Arne Duncan was a guest today on the Diane Rehm’s show.  Secretary Duncan is a politician,  so as expected…he did a good job to avoid giving direct answers to many of the questions.  I have to say I was pleased to hear the passion in his voice for better education and support for students.  Diane (as she always does) was excellent in bringing things into perspective.

For example:  $$$ HOW IN THE WORLD ARE WE GOING TO PAY FOR THIS?!!!  $$$

Stimulus Package- mentioned

Secretary Duncan did explain in more detail the stimulus package and how this would effect teachers, programs and policy while at the same time promoting his agenda.  I wasn’t too impressed, but Diane did bring up many good questions.

Hear Secretary Ducan on the Diane Rehm’s Show