Teachers Feeling the Pressure to Change Grades


An article released by the associated press stated that according to a survey by the Chicago Teachers Union and the Chicago Sun Times that one out of five high school teachers reported changing grades in the past school year. That is 20% of the teachers surveyed. The report also stated that 31% of teachers felt pressure to change grades.

Validity of the survey??

After reading the article the first thing that comes to mind is….duh, of course this happens.
And 20% of the time doesn’t seem all that unrealistic. I did see that only 18% of those surveyed responded ( that is less than 1 in 5)….so this does take away some of the validity of the survey.

Where is the pressure coming from?

In high school there is a lot riding on the grades, (college admission, class ranking, and eligibility to continue sports) No doubt there is pressure coming from different angles. The article noted that teachers reported feeling pressure from parents, school employees, and principles.

Some of the pressure coming from principles!!

My experience was in elementary education, so I never saw pressure to change grades, but I did notice that when there were problems internally a strong and supportive administration helped tremendously. It was great to know that your principle had your back…….must be tough if your principle wants you to “cook the books” …..

SO……A NOTE TO FURTURE TEACHERS: Find a school where you have a dedicated, honest, and supportive principle. They can really change the whole dynamic of a school. And yes, they are out there. Just ask around and when you find one, stick with them if you can….there is no doubt they will already have some loyal followers.