“Bronx Princess” Moving Too Fast For Her Roots


PBS has a documentary called “Bronx Princess” About an African American teenager, “Rocky” at the end of her senior year getting ready to begin college. I thought this was going to be a bit more related to her school experience, but this was still a great portrait of a teenager in her transition from living at home and attending high school, to moving out and starting college. The film highlights struggles 1st generation American children may go through to find their identity in the US, and at the same time, hold onto their roots. The film is very touching at times, capturing the sincerity of this family’s quest to make sure they have given Rocky a strong foundation that will provide her with everything she needs to begin her transition to adulthood……and it looks like they are succeeding.

You can watch this online on PBS until 10/23/09

Obama’s Speech to Schools: How ridiculous can people get?

obama school speech

I am getting very tired of hearing the ruckus and ridiculous comments about a speech President Obama will deliver Tuesday. I find my self laughing in disbelief thinking, “these people can’t be serious.”
America , land of the free, and home of the brave…not to mention home of a bunch of crazy drama loving politicians. All the ridiculous comments are meant to excite people to react rather than have them think, that is their purpose…..looks like its working.