Basic Facts About The Post 9/11 GI Bill

1. Covers tuition and fees (these are paid directly to the school)
Each state has a different price range regarding the amount they will pay per credit hour. Maximum tuition amounts allowed by state.

2. A monthly housing allowance. This is based on rank and location.
An estimate of housing allowance.

3. An annual book stipend. This is proportional to enrollment.

(Note that different amounts are payable based on the amount of service completed after 9/10/01)

Active duty completed after 9/10/01. Percentage of Maximum Amount Payable

36 months: 100%
30 continuous days on active duty and discharged due to disability: 100%
30-36 months: 90%
24-30 months: 80%
18-24 months: 70%
12-18 months: 60%
6-12 months: 50%
90days-6 months: 40%

For more detailed information you can visit The Official GI Bill website

Grants Given by Citi Towards Native American Education

Citi and Citi Foundation announced that they are giving $280,000 to grants in South Dakota, They report that some of these funds will go toward scholarships for students that attend tribal colleges as well as funding for teacher positions at reservations. The grants will be given to non profit groups in the state that provide support to Native Americans.

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Scholarship database for Native American Students

Five Year Old Boy Sleepwalks To School…

I guess he didn’t want to be late.

Apparently a five year old boy really likes going to school. He got up in the middle of the night and somehow made his way to school while he was still sleeping. Seems he only lives a few blocks away. Luckily he was safely returned to his parents who were woken up by a knock at their door….It appears they were still sleeping and never knew he was gone.

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Breathalyzer Tests in School??

Students at Foxboro High School in Massachusetts will soon face the possibility of taking a breathalyzer test during school and at after school events. The program is starting in hopes of detouring students from drinking.
CNN reported that students that are suspected of drinking alcohol would be subject to a breathalyzer test. Those students testing higher than .02 would be suspended for 5 days. So far it seems like the program is getting support from both parents and students.

Overall I would be supportive of a program like this. It sounds like a good idea and may work out really well. My question is simply: How does the school plan to enforce this new policy?

Sure I wish it was just as simple as seeing a student glassy eyed, slurring his/her speech, and then having that student take a breathalyzer. That would be ideal, but this is 2009 and any time students are subjected to test that some would see as intrusive, there is always the chance of someone suing the school for harassment. I hope the school is taking proper precautions by giving training and procedure instructions that assure the selection of students and administration of the test is done in a consistent, fair, and respectful manner.

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Bullying: Information for Parents and Teachers

I recently contacted Marlene Snyder, Director of Development for the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. I wanted to know more on what I could do as a parent as well as what teachers could do to assist in the prevention of bullying. She recommended visiting the following sites:

She also recommended encouraging your local school to consider using the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. Some states require schools to have an anti bullying program. Even if your state does not require this, teacher and parent advocacy could help begin a program like this at your school.

School Bullying: No Joke

If you have ever been the parent of a child being bullied you know the fear and helplessness a parent feels. And if you have ever been the parent of a bully you like wise have had similar feelings.

Recently Clemson University has been conducting research and training in using a model known as the “Olweus Bullying Prevention Program” The have had great success, in some instances showing a reduction in school bullying by as much as 50%.

They also debunk some old myths: It was found bullies are not necessarily unpopular and do not necessarily have low self esteems.

For anyone interested, Dr. Olweus has written a book: Bullying at school: What we know and what we can do.

Also if you are interested contacting a trainer to start the Bullying Prevention Program at your school click here for contact information.