Baltimore City Teacher Residency Program (BCTR)


After looking at this program’s details,  one of the major benefits is the salary.  This program allows you to earn your teaching certificate while earning a salary as a full time teacher.  Starting salaries range from $44,820-$53, 641 a year.


The program will begin with basic educational training on becoming a teacher as well as required literacy course work. These trainings are condensed so they are very demanding, but only last a few weeks.

During the first year of teaching the program warns that it will be very tough and will require long hours.

The program offers assistance regarding enrolling in the certification program as well as coordinates special events. BCTR also provides candidates with courses that teach skills and theories on teaching and childhood development. After completion of the program and passing of the Praxis II, most students receive their teaching certificate.

Possible Drawback

Unfortunately this program DOES NOT offer classroom and school based support throughout the year of residency. (according to their website). It does note that most of the time the school a candidate is placed at will offer support. BCTR does state they are always available to answer any questions a candidates may have.

Eligibility Requirements

-Bachelors degree in a  non education field
-GPA of 2.75
-US citizen or permanent resident
-Relevant content knowledge in one or more subject areas.
-Pass the Praxis I Exam
-Pass Praxis II Exam
(Note: They encourage you to  apply even if you have not taken these exams)

You CAN NOT have an education degree or education counseling degree, or already have 18 credits or more in education.  They will not be accepting application until October of 2010 for the 2011- 2012 school year.

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