James Madison Memorial Fellowship Scholarship


This Scholarship is specific for teachers in pursuit of a graduate degree that will become amazing teachers of the US Constitution. Also all applicants MUST be (or striving to be) Secondary School Teachers

They award $24,000 to an applicant from each state .

That means that you only compete against other applicants in your state of residence and one applicant from each state will be awarded a $24,000 scholarship.

This is an annual scholarship.  The deadline for 2018 is March 1st.  (And most likely will be similar each year.)


  • $24,000 scholarship awarded to one applicant from EACH state.
  • Must be pursing a graduate degree.
  • Must be a Secondary  School Teacher (or pursuing this)
  • Must be a pursing to be a teacher of the American Constitution.
  • Application deadline is March 1st, 2018

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