Philadelphia Teacher Residency Program for: Math, Science Technology, and Engineering

This program looks to offer quite an investment in its teacher candidates and expects nothing less then hard working dedicated individuals. The one year program looks very intensive, but achievable.

The program offers accepted candidates:
1. $32, 250 for scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania to attain a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education plus a teacher’s certificate
2. $10,000 stipend during the 1st year of intensive training
3. $10,000 stipend each year during the 1st four years of teaching high school in Philadelphia. ( in addition to your normal teacher salary)

The program places each participant in high schools learning along side an experienced teacher. This will give each person hands on experience from the beginning. You will also be taking graduate courses at the same time.

The program requires that each participant teach in Philadelphia schools for 3 yrs after completing the training.

Applicants must have:

-BA in chemistry, math, or engineering (or equivalent courses)
-GPA 3.0
-US citizen or permanent resident
-Strong content area knowledge