TEACH/HERE: Teacher Residency Program in Chattanooga and Knoxville Tennessee

Eligibility Requirements

-Bachelors degree in a  non education field (strong content in math, engineering, or sciences
-GPA of 3.0
-US citizen or permanent resident
-Relevant content knowledge in one or more subject areas.
-Pass Praxis II Exam
(Note: They encourage you to  apply even if you have not taken these exam, but passing is required before you are placed)
You CAN NOT have an education degree or have already completed a teacher training program.

Benefits of this Residency Program

– By completing this program you will attain your Masters Degree at a very low cost.
– You will receive a  stipend for living expenses


This program like most teacher residency programs is very intensive.  Participants  will have a three hour class from 3:30pm-6:30pm M-Thurs. during the school year.  Residents also will attend a seminar every Friday from 8:00am- 4:00pm.  Training also includes a and intensive session for one week at the beginning of the practicum.
While a resident, participants will be in the classroom 4 days a week with the same scheduled as their mentor teacher.

This program will choose 20-40 new teachers every year from their applicant pool.

I recommend you check out their website for more information. TEACH/HERE
To apply click here

Baltimore City Teacher Residency Program (BCTR)


After looking at this program’s details,  one of the major benefits is the salary.  This program allows you to earn your teaching certificate while earning a salary as a full time teacher.  Starting salaries range from $44,820-$53, 641 a year.


The program will begin with basic educational training on becoming a teacher as well as required literacy course work. These trainings are condensed so they are very demanding, but only last a few weeks.

During the first year of teaching the program warns that it will be very tough and will require long hours.

The program offers assistance regarding enrolling in the certification program as well as coordinates special events. BCTR also provides candidates with courses that teach skills and theories on teaching and childhood development. After completion of the program and passing of the Praxis II, most students receive their teaching certificate.

Possible Drawback

Unfortunately this program DOES NOT offer classroom and school based support throughout the year of residency. (according to their website). It does note that most of the time the school a candidate is placed at will offer support. BCTR does state they are always available to answer any questions a candidates may have.

Eligibility Requirements

-Bachelors degree in a  non education field
-GPA of 2.75
-US citizen or permanent resident
-Relevant content knowledge in one or more subject areas.
-Pass the Praxis I Exam
-Pass Praxis II Exam
(Note: They encourage you to  apply even if you have not taken these exams)

You CAN NOT have an education degree or education counseling degree, or already have 18 credits or more in education.  They will not be accepting application until October of 2010 for the 2011- 2012 school year.

To learn more check out their website at http://www.bcteachingresidency.org/

Denver Teacher Residency Program

Completing the program offers:
-Path to become an elementary school teacher
-Teaching license and a teaching endorsement in special education or linguistically diverse education
-M.A degree from the University of Denver.

The teacher training program is 1 year in length. The second year candidates are eligible for a full time paid teaching position. Although I will note that you would continue finishing up your M.A. during your second year.
Teacher candidates are placed at high needs school in Denver. While in the residency program teachers will have the support of a mentor and advisor.

The program offers:
$10,000 stipend for the 1st year of the residency program
Candidates are eligible for financial aid through the University of Denver.
Health care benefits through the University of Denver.
After completing a 5 year commitment (including the residency program)there is a partial reimbursement.

NC TEACH: NC Transition to Teaching Program

North Carolina University Systems recently received a grant for 2.7 million dollars as part of a federal grant to recruit and keep talented mid career professionals as well as recent college graduates making a transition into teaching. The program is now known as NC Teach II.

This is a Lateral entry program that typically will take about 1 year to complete.

Sample programs consist of:
1. Face to face course work that is very intensive over the summer, then course work during the school year on some Saturdays.
2. Online course work that is intensive through out the school year. (15-20 hrs of course work a week)

Personally I would prefer the summer school route as it appears the majority of your course work would be completed during the summer. This would leave more time during the school year to adjust and plan given your normal duties as a teacher.

The schools currently offering NC Teach II Programs are ECU, WCU, UNC Pembroke, and UNC-Chapel Hill. ( Please note that many of the universities are offering course work and face to face classes in surrounding counties as well as online classes.) Please contact each university directly to find out the specific locations classes are offered.

The cost of NC teach Program
The typical cost of an NC teach program is between $2,000-$3,000 (again typical program is about 1 year)

Many universities offer teaching licenses in the following fields: Elementary, Middle, High School, Special Education, Foreign Language, Theater, and Dance.

Is there a catch??

It doesn’t seem like there is one. The only down side would be that at this time most applicants will need to find there own lateral entry teaching position. I am sure you will get assistance regarding where to apply and other informational resources regarding locating a lateral entry position, but it does not look like the university will actually place you at a particular school. This may change in the future so please check with the school that you are applying to.

NC Teach I
The following school also offer the NC Teach program opportunities: East Carolina University, Fayetteville State University, Lenoir Rhyne College, NC Central University, NC State University, UNC-Chapel Hill, UNC Greensboro, UNC Wilmington, Western Carolina University, and Winston-Salem State University, UNC Charlotte (TEACH affiliate programs) NC A&T State University (in the near future)

Philadelphia Teacher Residency Program for: Math, Science Technology, and Engineering

This program looks to offer quite an investment in its teacher candidates and expects nothing less then hard working dedicated individuals. The one year program looks very intensive, but achievable.

The program offers accepted candidates:
1. $32, 250 for scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania to attain a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education plus a teacher’s certificate
2. $10,000 stipend during the 1st year of intensive training
3. $10,000 stipend each year during the 1st four years of teaching high school in Philadelphia. ( in addition to your normal teacher salary)

The program places each participant in high schools learning along side an experienced teacher. This will give each person hands on experience from the beginning. You will also be taking graduate courses at the same time.

The program requires that each participant teach in Philadelphia schools for 3 yrs after completing the training.

Applicants must have:

-BA in chemistry, math, or engineering (or equivalent courses)
-GPA 3.0
-US citizen or permanent resident
-Strong content area knowledge

NNCTTP: Transition to Teaching Program in North Carolina

The North Eastern North Carolina Transition to Teaching Program (NNCTTP) offers those looking to enter the teaching field great incentives to teach in eastern North Carolina. Here are the details.

Counties you can teach in:
Beaufort, Bertie, Edgecombe, Gates, Halifax, Hertford, Hyde, Martin, Nash/Rocky Mount, Pasquotank, Perquimans, Washington

This program offers: up to $1,500 a year for tuition and books, individual advisors, as well as different ways to take your courses. (ex: Weekend classes, distance learning)

This program offers three paths to teaching:
1.Already have a bachelors degree and just need your licensure
2. Two yrs college experience (60 credit hrs) and have taken and passed the PRAXIS I
3. Lateral Entry: These candidates must have a bachelor’s degree and would need to complete certain course work and the PRAXIS II.

For more information on the program you can contact Dr. Claudie Mackey (Director) at 252.335.3479.