Basic Facts About The Post 9/11 GI Bill

1. Covers tuition and fees (these are paid directly to the school)
Each state has a different price range regarding the amount they will pay per credit hour. Maximum tuition amounts allowed by state.

2. A monthly housing allowance. This is based on rank and location.
An estimate of housing allowance.

3. An annual book stipend. This is proportional to enrollment.

(Note that different amounts are payable based on the amount of service completed after 9/10/01)

Active duty completed after 9/10/01. Percentage of Maximum Amount Payable

36 months: 100%
30 continuous days on active duty and discharged due to disability: 100%
30-36 months: 90%
24-30 months: 80%
18-24 months: 70%
12-18 months: 60%
6-12 months: 50%
90days-6 months: 40%

For more detailed information you can visit The Official GI Bill website