Education Scholarships

If you are going back to school to become a teacher or just starting out your collegiate journey the bills can add up fast. Having assistance in paying for college can be a big help. There are many scholarships out there to assist in this endeavor. Surprisingly many students do not take the time to research and apply for college scholarships. I am not sure the exact reasons, I am sure there are many. (Perhaps just not making the time to look, maybe low self confidence, or just not thinking the potential reward is worth the hours of time put into researching and applying for college scholarships). What ever the reason, I would like to encourage each and every student to make a few hours available in one day, and use that time to search and apply for at least one scholarship.

Scholarship applications  may differ in their requirements.  Some may need little to no prep work, although  others may require essays or other assignments that may take quite a bit of time. To help in expediting your research I have listed a few websites that appear very comprehensive in their scholarship data base, as well as have many specific parameters to help narrow your search. Here are a few of the websites that I have found helpful! Best of luck!

Federal Student Aid Database

This search tool is a government website from the Federal Student Aid webstie. There is a general scholarship search tool that anyone can use, as well as a “Scholarship Matching Wizard” that the student will have to register and log in to use.

College Board

This website has a very detailed data base with many parameters that can be entered to narrow down your search. You DO NOT need to register to use this site, which is convenient.

Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae also has a scholarship data base for use, but you must register with them to use the data base. It appears free of charge for the use once you register.

Basic Facts About The Post 9/11 GI Bill

1. Covers tuition and fees (these are paid directly to the school)
Each state has a different price range regarding the amount they will pay per credit hour. Maximum tuition amounts allowed by state.

2. A monthly housing allowance. This is based on rank and location.
An estimate of housing allowance.

3. An annual book stipend. This is proportional to enrollment.

(Note that different amounts are payable based on the amount of service completed after 9/10/01)

Active duty completed after 9/10/01. Percentage of Maximum Amount Payable

36 months: 100%
30 continuous days on active duty and discharged due to disability: 100%
30-36 months: 90%
24-30 months: 80%
18-24 months: 70%
12-18 months: 60%
6-12 months: 50%
90days-6 months: 40%

For more detailed information you can visit The Official GI Bill website