NC TEACH: NC Transition to Teaching Program

North Carolina University Systems recently received a grant for 2.7 million dollars as part of a federal grant to recruit and keep talented mid career professionals as well as recent college graduates making a transition into teaching. The program is now known as NC Teach II.

This is a Lateral entry program that typically will take about 1 year to complete.

Sample programs consist of:
1. Face to face course work that is very intensive over the summer, then course work during the school year on some Saturdays.
2. Online course work that is intensive through out the school year. (15-20 hrs of course work a week)

Personally I would prefer the summer school route as it appears the majority of your course work would be completed during the summer. This would leave more time during the school year to adjust and plan given your normal duties as a teacher.

The schools currently offering NC Teach II Programs are ECU, WCU, UNC Pembroke, and UNC-Chapel Hill. ( Please note that many of the universities are offering course work and face to face classes in surrounding counties as well as online classes.) Please contact each university directly to find out the specific locations classes are offered.

The cost of NC teach Program
The typical cost of an NC teach program is between $2,000-$3,000 (again typical program is about 1 year)

Many universities offer teaching licenses in the following fields: Elementary, Middle, High School, Special Education, Foreign Language, Theater, and Dance.

Is there a catch??

It doesn’t seem like there is one. The only down side would be that at this time most applicants will need to find there own lateral entry teaching position. I am sure you will get assistance regarding where to apply and other informational resources regarding locating a lateral entry position, but it does not look like the university will actually place you at a particular school. This may change in the future so please check with the school that you are applying to.

NC Teach I
The following school also offer the NC Teach program opportunities: East Carolina University, Fayetteville State University, Lenoir Rhyne College, NC Central University, NC State University, UNC-Chapel Hill, UNC Greensboro, UNC Wilmington, Western Carolina University, and Winston-Salem State University, UNC Charlotte (TEACH affiliate programs) NC A&T State University (in the near future)